Carol HannumFeatured Artist: Carol Hannum

Carol Hannum is an artist, musician and humorist who lives on a lush farm in Hawaii overlooking the ocean. Her mixed media art resound’s with playfulness of a cosmic dance. Carol’s art images can resonate deep inside you to touch a resonant chord of harmonic healing.

Carol Hannum is also an accomplished medical intuitive healer, with 20 years experience as a medical psychic. She conducts consultations and trainings around the world. This process is now being practiced in Ukraine and now in Hawaii.

There is not a separation between her healing work and art. Her art and healing work reach deep into the cosmos and manifest as physical healing, as if to align the octaves of the form and formless natures of our being.

The gift of Carol Hannum’s visionary art images are produced in greeting cards by the Gallery 4 Generosity, whose profits go to support the continued work of the Yumtha MettaCare Center for conscious living and dying. The Yumtha Center provides training for compassionate care of home care givers, and professionals who care for those who are elders,  and others in wellness, and when facing illness and dying.

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